Wired doorbell transformer issues

Hi All,

Having an issue installing my wired doorbell. Replaced my old chime doorbell transformer with a 16v 30a. Tested the transformer before hooking up the low voltage doorbell wires and it was reading 16v. After hooking up the doorbell wires the transformer was reading 0, no output. Replaced the transformer, same issue.

My chime doorbell had been working fine, so I don’t think there’s a short.

No lights or power on the doorbell at all.

Any ideas?

Hey I just hooked mine today and same thing! My doorbell lights up makes the noise but won’t connect! Keeps saying I need 16vac 30a when it already is!

If you haven’t bypassed the chime, that could be your problem. It could be dropping the voltage to the doorbell. Easy enough to test.

I have my wired doorbell setup and working from a 24v 30va ac transformer. You need to bypass any existing door chime, once you done this, test what voltage you are getting at the doorbell wires outside with the doorbell disconnected. Should be 24v give or take, then connect doorbell. If when you connect the doorbell and the voltage is 0v,this means the load (ie doorbell) is dragging the voltage down and creating the fault.