Wired doorbell - server busy error (6)

I recently purchased the 2k wired doorbell. Installed…got server busy error and will not connect to WiFi. We have two different WiFi routers…tried both. Also tried changing to a more powerful transformer. Have tried resetting phone, doorbell, and routers. Nothing same issue. We even ordered a second doorbell to try thinking the first was defective. Same error.

I’m ready to give up on this doorbell. Any advice or guidance on how we can resolve this issue? I’m ready to send these back and get a Ring.

@Chris.indyfour cohere already being discussed!

So got an email from Eufy support to do like others stated here, turn off Two Factor Authentification and try again, which I did first thing yesterday and it connected right up fine. No issues at all.

Eufy said they were going to release an update later this week to correct this issue.

Thanks so much for the help and glad we can all get our doorbells up and running