"Wired" doorbell keeps reminding not to continuously stream to extend battery life?

Why do I keep getting this pop up reminders when “Wired” means not using the battery. The battery is supposed to only be there as backup if there is a power failure?

Do you really have a wired doorbell or is it a battery doorbell that is “wired” to keep batteries topped off. If the latter, then because its fundamentally a battery doorbell, you will get the warning.

It says wired on the box

If its really the “wired” model, you shouldn’t get the warning because there isn’t any battery involved. It does have capacitor to smooth out the ripple on the AC and absorb transients, but you should be able to stream without a warning. Sounds like they re-used code from the battery doorbell and didn’t remove the warning. I would send note to support@eufylife.com and tell them what you are seeing. They may be able to remove the warning in a software update or they may have a good reason for leaving it.