Wired doorbell - can the LED ring light be turned off so it doesn’t flash when motion is detected?

I understand this is an option for the battery doorbell to conserve power. I would like to turn off the LED light around my doorbell button so it doesn’t flash blue when motion is detected. I would prefer that attention not be drawn to the doorbell when people pass by.


Should be an option for that right on the settings page. Can you share a screenshot with us if you can’t find it? I don’t have the wired variant.

Yuo have to set the button LED status off.

No such setting for the wired doorbell:

What does the “LED at night” option do?

I understand it enables the LED light to remain on throughout the night so visitors can immediately see where your doorbell is. This is essentially the opposite of what I would like - a way to turn off the LED light and prevent it from flashing when the camera detects motion and starts recording.

Lol that’s exactly what I want on my 2k battery doorbell…
I think it’s best you write to support@eufylife.com, as this exact setting is on the 2k battery doorbell. They either can help you or answer your question definitively.

Thanks I’ll email them.

Did you get around to email support? Did you get an answer, and, if so, what was the answer?

Did you get around to email support? Did you get an answer, and, if so, what was the answer?

I just received the following bland response on 7 February:

This is Shane, Customer Service Manager of Eufy.

We sincerely apologized for the inconvenience caused. Currently, it is unable to turn off the LED of the wired Doorbell in eufy app. But we much appreciated for your valuable feedback. You know, design a product like a journey, we always upgrade our product per client’s voice and preference. I will forward your request to our engineers for a more user-friendly APP function so as to keep up with our clients’ expectation and trust.

If by any chance you have any questions or concerns about our product, please feel free to reach out to us and we will gladly assist you to the best of our ability.

@CarpeDiem, thank you for posting that reply from Shane - it is a ‘shame’ thar Customer support doesn’t participate in this community (@Shane?).

I hope for you that a future update is in the works. Eufy (@Eufy?) would do themselves and us a service if they communicated a sort of retrofit/update road map.

Also, thank you for the OP it allowed the community to share that this feature is available on other camera/video doorbells. Let all of us know if you hear anything more on this.