Wired doorbell cam unreliable motion detection!

I recently bought the wired camera doorbell and I’m pretty frustrated. The doorbell OFTEN does NOT record people coming right up to my front door! I also have a Eufycam 2C mounted above the door, and that camera records every person that comes up to the front door. But the doorbell camera picks up only some of these events. If the person has a backpack or a hat or moves in a certain way, the doorbell camera records NOTHING. It seems to me like you should fix the detection AI. I have the motion detection set to second highest setting.


I have some issues with this also. It is somewhat unreliable I also have a cam that covers the front of the house that picks up, but the doorbell will miss. It also has an issue with facial recognition. When people drive by slow it thinks tires are faces. It also thinks the top of one of my porch columns is a face.

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I’m experiencing the same issue as well. I think I’ve got it to a point where it hasn’t missed people in a few days but it thinks my neighbor’s trees across the street (probably 150-200 ft away) is a person and I wake up every morning to 5-10 person alerts.

Yes, same here. Cars driving by are recognized as humans (a car wheel is a face) but a person walking right up to the door sometimes is not recorded.


I have had the same issue where the AI doesn’t always pick up someone. This is only happening on the wired doorbell. Fortunately my camera above the doorbell picks up what it doesn’t.

Well it happened again today. I had high hopes for the doorbell camera but I’m going to return it. Not working as advertised.


The doorbell can worked good when I first got it but with every firmware update it has gotten worse at detection. I have tried many different sensitivity levels and activity zones. The false detection keeps getting worse. In addition now people can walk right up to the door and not be detected. Anker you really need to get this fixed.


Thanks for your sharing.

Since different customers have different usage environment, it needs to adjust the settings to find a proper value. Please reach out support@eufylife.com so we can have the engineering team to look into this case for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

Anker support, maybe you should actually listen to the complaints from your customers instead of lecturing them about “usage requirements”.

The problem is not with people not realizing they can adjust the sensitivity. The problem is that your motion detection implementation is horrible. As multiple users stated above, the highest setting detects everything, including bugs, trees, changes in light level, etc. But the second highest level doesn’t detect people clearly walking up to the door in broad daylight. I don’t think the doorbell owners should chose between too many false detections or missing half of the important ones.


I have already replied to this, but here goes again. The AI on this is horrible. I keep tweaking my zones and it keeps finding something new to be human in the middle of the night outside of the zone. The zones DO NOT work. Why is there an ignore zone if your only supposed to get notified if it’s in the activity zone unless you can overlap them. I did send this to support so let’s see if they fix it.


Either Eufy doorbell cam is light years ahead with it’s AI and they are seeing things we could only hope to comprehend - Aliens. Or, it’s buggy as hell.

Past few nights I have been getting notifications from my doorbell cam detecting a “human”. It detects the planter on the porch as a human face. Woke up this morning to 35 events of the same thing. Planter detected as “human”. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could BULK delete these but I have to, one by one, delete them. Please let me know if I am missing the bulk delete option somewhere?

I expect a few incorrect triggers but 35? I turned the planter around this morning in the hopes it would stop seeing it as a “human”.


In events long press on an item. It will then let you select all or select multiple individually.

Thank you! I wish it was a bit more user friendly. That’s the only thing I didn’t try.

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I was dumb enough to build new landscaping around our flower beds in the front yard. I now have a new face!!! It’s my fault Eufy. I know I should not have done that. 1_Screenshot_20200618-114520~2


If I understand correctly the manual explains the activity zone sends notifications while things outside the activity zone trigger recording but not a push notification. Things in the ignore zone do not get recorded at all. That’s how I understand it. It took some tweaking but I finally get all people who walk to my door to activate recording while keeping false notifications to a minimum.


I’m having this issue as well. People coming up to the house and absolutely no record of it. Super disappointed in the doorbell camera

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I will just on this one as well. It seems that I have to reboot the video doorbell every week for it to work. I have the wired doorbell, and it simply stops working. I live in a townhouse complex, and there are very regular people walking by, so I know when I wake up I should have 2-3 alert of people passing my door. When I wake up with nothing, I have to reset the doorbell via the app. But the doorbell is still working, at least partially because I can go to the live view and it works just fine, but I get zero notifications otherwise.

Pretty sad that I have to rely on other peoples routines to tell me if my device is working properly or not. There has to be a fix for this!!!

I also get soooooooo many “ghost” human notifications. I get this probably 8-10 times a day…no movement, no shadows etc. I have the activity zone set even with the sidewalk so that it doesn’t trip when people are walking across the lawn.


I’m getting the same issues with the wired version. It will pick up trees in my neighbors yard and count that as “human” but the mailman walking onto the porch, directly in front of the camera, is completely missed. I’ve tried setting the activity zone to exclude the trees, then it will catch another area of a different tree, still missing actual people on my porch. To top it off, you can only have one “ignore” area in the Activity Zone and it is extremely limited in size. EXTREMELY frustrating!


Hi I just purchased the battery doorbell with Homebase 2 and i’m experiencing the same issue. I set activity zones and it still detects motion when there is no activity and if someone walks straight to the door it doesnt trigger a human or normal motion detect. I agree with one of the posters that it seems if they are walking a certain way or carrying a box may be the reason to not trigger a human detection but it should at least trigger a normal detection. I contacted eufy about this and they recommended that i delete all my devices from my account and add it back in which i have not tried, then they said if that didnt work that i should have the system replaced. I called them a few days ago and asked if they heard of any issues like this and they said no. And today i find this post explaining my exact issue.

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Hi we have battery doorbell. I’ve found that it is better at sensing movement across and not so good in a straight line.

It also really does need to be set around 1.2 - 1.4m we have it at 1.5. . We had to reposition three times to get the best out of it.

It takes time to set … we have found that the area needs to be just short of where your preferred boundary is, set it to 5 and human only.

We had all of the problems described here , but with patience, playing with the zones and sensitivity one can get an almost perfect working doorbell.

We now very rarely get false alarms and we have bushes/ trees/ cars all in its detection zone.