Wired battery doorbell percentage dropping

I have my battery doorbell hooked to the existing wiring and in the app I see the charging symbol/animation yet still the battery percentage is going down ( i think it was around 90% when i hooked it up and after a week of testing its at 83% ).

I would expect it to atleast recharge a bit during the night when there are no events, but I have a feeling that it isn’t recharging at all.


Thanks for reaching out.

For the charging issue, please see the aricle below as the reference:

The charging issue will be vary for different situation, if the issue still persists, please provide your eufy account and email us support@eufylife.com.

We will have the engineering team to check this case for you within 24 hours.

Why won’t your page enlarge the print liking other’s do. I’m getting eye=strain trying to read about my doorbell camera.

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The battery doorbell when wired to existing transformer will cycle the charge so as not to damage the batteries. Mine goes from around 70-75% up as high as 88%. This seems to vary some based on the number of activations and recording length. I wouldn’t worry about it unless it goes below 60%. Another issue may be the size of your transformer and if you are using an existing chime. All these things have to be taken into account when looking at the state of charge of the doorbell. There are literally dozens of posts of issues because people don’t understand how the system works.

Same here. Doorbell wont charge when wired. Only usb.
Had to charge today because the batterie was 17%


I’ve got the same issue here. The 24v 40VA AC transformer it’s connected to is well within spec. However the doorbell keeps forgetting it’s connected to a plug and switches to battery power a couple times a day. Meaning that the percentage goes down. Highly annoying that i need to charge something that’s constantly connected to power.


Hi there do you have a resistor connected to the transformer on the door bell wire side of the connection?

I had the same problem. Exchanged my 16v30va transformer and replaced it I had the same problem again in a month I exchanged yet another 16v 30va transformer. This did not fix my issue.I then bought a 24V 40VA trans former which did not really fix the issue either.

I contacted eufy about my 2k battery doorbell that was wired and not charging. It was about 5 months old. They sent a replacement, and THAT DID fix my issue. I was even able to leave the more powerful transformer in and that may have also allowed my manual doorbell to work again. Now I have a manual chime and the home base chime. The new replacement also reacts faster when connecting and drops a lot less! Try contacting eufy about the issue directly. Their customer service gave me a great experience.

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Why is my doorbell always losing power when it’s hard wired!? The homebase and router is literally 10 ft from the front door. This needs to be fixed ASAP!

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The wired power connection is only a trickle-charge. Its meant to keep the batteries topped off, but not make up for unusual number of activations. Eufy sized the compoents to deal with 10 activations per day, at 20 seconds of recording each. That also assumes greater than 40 Deg F. ambient temperature. If your doorbell has more than 10 activations, your recording time is longer, or the temperature is lower, you will draw more power from the batteries than you can make up with the powered connection.

You can easily check the statistics for your doorbell by looking in the Power Manager submenu under the device to see if you are using it more than the nominal amount.

Why would Eufy design this to only charge the battery enough to handle such little activity. Why not design it to be able to keep up with full use of its features or to directly power it as if it had no battery and only use the battery if there were a power outage. Cellphone manufacturers are able to to design their charging system to be able to power the phone from 1% and charge the battery at the same time…

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