【Winner Released】Guess How Much We Will Raise To Win a Free Smart Mail Box


I think $521,000 final answe

363,000 is my final answer!

$1,650,550 is my guess

I’m guessing $2,536097

How about you guys focus on some
Serious security flaws… @Mengdi

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$1.5 million

You will raise $1,450,750.00

I guess $448500 :smiley:

$243,999 is my guess.

My guess is $800,000

:man_facepalming: It was intentionally this way. That’s quite literally the strategy of the competition. Wait as long as you can, track the total along the way, and make the best prediction. Guessing ends on September 30…

People who have already submitted their guesses either didn’t read the original post or simply weren’t thinking.

Meh, it gives people who use their brain a higher chance of winning, so I don’t really see a problem.

A fanboy wouldn’t.


$866,666 me thinks

742,000 dollars


My guess is $332,693

In going to guess 450,000

$357500 will be my guess