【Winner Released】Guess How Much We Will Raise To Win a Free Smart Mail Box

Update in Feb.22. 2022
Dears winner,

The SmartDrop is ready to be shipped!

Please message me with your mailing address and we can send the prize to you!

Update in Oct. 13th.

Hey eufy fans, the crowdfunding has been ended and the amount is $362,842, so the winner for this guessing has released!

Let’s congratulate the following winners:

  1. @goober601 at $363,000
  2. @armandxp at $364,931
  3. @Chris448 at $365,000

Winners please send me your mailing address so we can send you the SmartDrop when the product is released.

Congratulations again!

Original Post

Hey, eufy fans!

Our latest Kickstarter campaingn is picking up a head of steam! We thought it would be a fun idea to offer you guys the opportunity to win one of our all-new Smart Drops!

People love the concept of our smart mailbox device that is designed to protect your home deliveries and fend off pesky porch pirates.

Our all-new Smart Drop features:

On-device AI for convenient access to your packages

Built-in 1080p camera so you can track and monitor your deliveries from start to finish

Futuristic and sleek design that fits seamlessly onto your porch

To win, simple have a go at guessing the final figure and post here, a range is not accepted.

The closest 3 figures to the final amount could have the all-new eufy Security Mail Box respectively.

The Crowdfunding Campaign will start from Aug. 20th to Oct. 10th (TBD), and this guessing will end at Sept. 30th.

For delivery reasons, the crowdfunding campaign is only available for the following countries:
United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, France, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, New Zealand




$250,000 is my final answer

Great competition, @Mengdi! This should be fun!

@Mengdi considering this would be much better suited for commercial use or apartments, i venture to say that this will raise around $376,220
I would have to see the cost of the product itself to really give a more exact figure on how much will be raised.

The original EverCam raised a good amount of money, but this one has a much narrower market IMO. So I’ll say that it will hit $700,000

I’ll say 400,000

I am guessing $ 1M…

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Range is not accepted… Need a firm figure

I guess $467,000

yea i fixed it

I’ll just meme it so you don’t have to boys. @Mengdi $420,690 is my final answer.


I’m guessing $633,000

Maybe $333,333?

I guess 843,721

Hmmmmm $895,595

1,169,420 is my guess

Question for you @Mengdi, can multiple people pick the same amount or is it first one to pick it gets that number?

My guess is 500,000