Winner Released! eufyCam Competition and win a FREE EUFYCAM 2! | Capture the Unexpected

Update in Jun. 29:
Hey eufy Fans, the winner of this competition has been released! Here is the Winner list:

Winner is ranked by the number of “likes” of the video you uploaded. If you have the same “like” with others, the user that upload the video earlier will have the higher rank.

Congratulations again to the winners! We will contact them for the prize delivery.

Update in Jun. 22:
This event is ended. I will soon Announce the winners

Greetings, eufy Security fans,

We’ve got a brand-new competition, one that requires you to do little more than relax at home with a cup of tea in hand (or coffee, though we’re 100% tea drinkers in the eufy Security office), and wait for your eufyCam to capture the unexpected.

If your eufyCam picks up anything unusual, be it a playful neighborhood bear rummaging through your trashcans or a troop of circus clowns hosting an impromptu juggling session in your front yard, we want to see it!

Upload and share your videos to the gallery to be in with a chance of winning. Make sure to include the tag #seenoneufy so that we and your fellow community buddies can easily locate your videos.

The 10 videos with the most likes will win some awesome prizes. Check them out down below!

1st Place: eufyCam 2

2nd Place: eufyCam 2C

3rd Place: Smart Floodlight with Camera

4th-10th Place: Upcoming Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt

The competition opens on Apr. 9th , 2020 and closes Jun. 20th, 2020, so make sure you submit your videos before the cut-off date.

Good luck!


  1. Please check you already added the hashtag:#seenoneufy, or we cannot capture your video.
  2. Please double-check the video you uploaded can be viewed in gallery.



I cannot upload my video because it is not on youtube and it is only letting me put pictures in. Does anyone know what I can do?


done…check my entry…hope you guys laugh Son is scared of dogs

you have to upload the video on the youtube first then paste the link here

please add the hashtag: #seenoneufy


Thanks Mengdi…do you know how to edit the video description in the gallery?

Thank you so much @Mengdi!

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I submitted my entry I hope you like it!

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Thanks for the opportunity @Mengdi
Uploaded mine here have a look and give a like if you can :heart_eyes:

Has anyone seen my video? A member of my family got barked at by a dog a few houses down and got so scared he screamed!

I didn’t see it

You should check it out! It was pretty funny!

Ok I will :+1:

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Cool! Tell me what you think one you see it!

Wife was a good sport about this one :grin::



Hey guys, check my video here aswell and hit like if you do like it :heart:

so every video can not be upload it from phone directly into here using this platform right we have to upload to YouTube then come back and post the link here. Is that correct ?? …

Because when I’m to write a message it does give me option to upload picture or video to this message


Yes you have to upload it to YouTube and then paste in the url in the place it says.