[Winner Released] Eufy Winter Wishlist

Dear eufy fans,

The winner has been released by choosing by the number of likes:

No.1: @njynlyf, 26 likes
No.2: @Griffithsbeamon 22 likes
No.3: @fuu_bar 18 likes
No.4: @TahaEng 16 likes
No.5: @kathimarkus 16 likes

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Seasons greetings, eufy fans!

2020 has been an unusual, but busy year for our eufy elves. They’ve been working away in Santa’s workshop and want to know what’s your dream eufy Christmas gift! Santa has agreed to give away 5 free gifts to eufy fans that make his “Nice List”.

Here’s a reminder of some security goodies they’ve made this year:

  • Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt
  • Video Doorbell 2K Pro (Wired)
  • Smart Lock Touch
  • eufyCam 2 Pro

The question is, what tops your eufy wishlist?

Leave our elves a comment below and let them know what security stocking stuffer you want the most! Tell them why you think it will make the perfect Christmas gift for you this year.

Wishlist example:

I want an Indoor 2K Pan & Tilt this Christmas. We have a new member of the family this year. A fluffball named Rex. I want to be able to check up on my pup while I’m in the office.

Our eufy elves will make a list, check it twice, and choose the 5 lucky winners that receive the most likes on their post!

This event is limited to users that have registered a eufy Security device before the 11th of December (the date the event starts). Each user can win only one product of their choice and cannot enter multiple times.

The winter wishlist event will end on December 31st.

Over Christmas, we’ll also be running our festive sales event via the eufy Security app. Be sure to check out amazing deals on security stocking stuffers!

Share your wishlist post with your friends, and invite them to like your Christmas wish!

Please note:

Users who create new threads will be automatically disqualified.

For gift delivery reasons, this game is limited to users in the US, UK, Germany, and Canada only.

Merry Christmas,

eufy team


I wish for the Video Doorbell 2K Pro (Wired), because I would love to be able to see who is ringing my door when my package arrives.


I want a smart lock touch & wifi for Christmas this year. Lots of family in town, and not enough keys to go around. A smart lock would let them come and go as they please - and with wifi I could remote open it for them if needed.


It would be a blast to add to the front door…


Just to ensure existing users can participate this game.


Wishlist - Festive Intruder Alert

**I want and need a eufyCam 2 Pro this Christmas so I can keep my eyes on my home and catch that pesky Santa Claus and his cheeky reindeer coming into my house and stealing my mince pies and chunky carrots.

Years have passed by and on the evening of the 24th of December every year both my mince pies and carrots go missing… One day I will catch that naughty Santa and his hairy crew in the act and I hope the Eufy Team and their excellent tech can help!!


I would like to have a Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt this Christmas so I can keep an eye on that pesky Elf on the shelf getting up to his no good shenanigans every night.


Hi merry Xmas
I would love to win a smart lock touch, a few months ago my daughter and myself we not home when someone broke in to our house and not only that the burnt our clothes and our furniture so this would make us feel so safe and as I’m always looking for my keys would be so wonderful.
Merry Xmas to all


I would like a 2K Pan and Tilt this Christmas. My fiance and son have recently moved into our new home and we are very excited for our first Christmas here. I want to keep an eye on elf on the shelf and make sure he doesn’t run away with any of the presents.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eufy team and all the best for 2021


I want an indoor 2k pan and tilt so we can keep an eye on our kitties when we got out. They pretend not to be keen on each other but we bet they play and sit together when we aren’t here. Plus to keep an eye on them when we eventually have to go back to working in the office


I would LOVE to win a Smart Lock Touch! Having 2 little elves toddler elves running around the house, exploring and putting any keys they find down the loo, it would be great not to have to worry about it! Also leaving the house at any time is a mission itself so not having to worry about lost or forgotten keys would be amazing!


Hallo Eufy-Team
Ich hätte mir eine EUFY PRO CAM 2 gewünscht
Bin sehr zufrieden mit den Produkten von euch
Wünsche eine schöne Adventszeit
Bleibt alle gesund
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Manfred Schanzer


Hi eufy elf,

Merry Christmas, I would like to have a Video Doorbell as my doorbell been broken for few months now. With the new eufy doorbell I could be more relax in house and checking who is ringing the bell instead of keeping my ears open all time and rushing down to stairs to open the door. It would make my life easy.


I know its a little expensive but I had been a good lad this year. I already have a Floodlight, (omg what an awesome add to my family cameras), 6 pan&tilt (super reliable), 3 eufy pro. Woof this is non stop from me.

But my whishlist would be another floodlight for my backyard (I have the first one in the front of the house).
This camera system has been a game changer in my house. Im super happy everytime I can check my dogs. Even if I dont get many likes I just wanted to let everyone here know how awesome these cams are. Happy Holidays!


I’d love to win the eufy cam 2 pro as my daughter had her devices stolen from her bedroom and this frightened both of us I’m hoping they don’t come back over Christmas with all the new presents I’ve bought her. Very sentimental Jewellery was taken too from her mother.
And of course because it’s a cool camera to make her feel safe!


I want a Video Doorbell 2K Pro (Wired), the kids are desperate to see who’s at the door on ‘Alexa’


I would like to have an additional Cam 2 Pro for our backyard. Our door and side of the house are secured, but the backyard is not under view. That would be great for my Kids and Family to stay safe.


I’d love the activity zone shape to be variable (like HomeKit) and not fixed as a rectangle. It would also be great for the 2K doorbell video to support cloud storage. Merry Christmas!


Dear Elf’s,

For Xmas this year I would love a eufyCam 2 Pro to keep an eye out for the Reindeers and anyone trying to steal their carrots.




I’d like to win the video doorbell. We recently bought one of the camera kits an I am throughly impressed with the ease and quality of it all.

The doorbell would be at the top of my list simply because I would get the most use from it, although any one of those prizes would be a very welcomed addition. The doorbell is definitely something I plan on buying as/when I can afford too. Yes we have cats and family visiting but to avoid sounding like try hard, the most honest answer I can give you is that I want this because I’m majorly impressed with the products I already have and would definitely get a lot of use out of it.

I have already recommended eufy to a few friends who have also now bought one of the 2C kits from you, keep up the good work, excellent company and I’m a big fan!