Will the 2k battery doorbell ever record both sides of the conversation?

I have the 2k battery doorbell. If someone comes to my door, rings the doorbell, then I start talking to them from the app…

…I can hit record on the app, but it will only record the other person’s voice, not mine coming from the app and coming out of the doorbell speaker.

Am I the only one that thinks this is strange?
Shouldn’t the record option just record the entire conversation from both sides?
Don’t other video doorbells record both sides of the conversation (ie. Ring)?
Maybe I’m missing something. If this is possible, can someone please explain how?

If it’s not possible, then why isn’t Eufy fixing this issue to keep up with the other companies?

So many questions…so little time :crazy_face:
Thanks in advance.

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That’s very strange? I thought it recorded the whole conversation?

I thought it did? Will need to check my dual video doorbell. I changed over from Ring which recorded both conversations.

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Let me know once you check

It does not record both conversations? It only records the person at the door? I also noticed if someone rings the doorbell and I answered on my iPhone it does not record? I need to press the record icon? Why? My Ring Pro 2 records all, both conversations and it records when motion is detected. The Ring also automatically records when the doorbell is pressed. I wish Eufy will address this flaws!


Yep, I agree. Why are the auto features not available to make it easier and also to make sure you don’t miss anything that needs to be recorded???

I’m hoping more people are aware of these flaws. A hope they all send a request for Eufy to address these issues. I honestly thought it would record both conversations? Why would it not? I didn’t even check until I saw your post and thought it did! I was so use to my previous Ring video doorbell 2 that worked really well, battery was great and could be swapped for charging. But they was charging a monthly, yearly fee which was going to be increased, hence switching over to Eufy.


I have recently bought the latest duel cam eufy video door bell to replace my ring pro , it was brilliant at first , then discovered that it does not record both end of the convocation and the sound is very low , I was hoping that eufy had sorted this issue out with this new all singing and dancing video bell . But unfortunately not so it was returned and ring back on , does any one know of one that does exact same thing as the ring door bell ?