Will I be notified if power goes out or the Internet connection is lost?

That’s my question. Will I be notified?

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Nope. If you open the app you can see “homebase offline”, but no notification…

This is absolutely unacceptable. By the time I’m looking in the app and seeing there for the first time that the internet connection has been lost, then it is already too late as the elapsed time between the connection being lost and checking the app to find this out (sometimes multiple days at a time) has already passed and thus we’ve gone that duration without any protection. I’ve been having so much trouble with this lately. I’ll only check the app and recorded footage on days where I’m looking for something specific or something suspicious happened, because of this, i regularly return to the app to discover that my camera’s stopped recording 3 or 4 days ago, despite being fully charged and not moved out of the spots where a strong signal was initially confirmed via the app. What can be done about this?

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Do you have any other apps that inform you when the connection is lost when you are not using them? It’s a chicken and egg issue. If your internet goes down, how are they going to notify you that the internet is down.

Its not impossible to do, but its probably should be the reponsibility of your ISP, rather than a single app provider.

The other night my power went out. An extremely infrequent event. Within 15 minutes, my power company sent out an email telling me that it was out and when it would be back. They owned the issue, notified me, and fixed it. It’s too bad ISPs don’t do the same, but you shouldn’t push that kind responsibilty onto an app provider.

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Yes, many other systems will do this, such as alarm systems. I have a cheapo temperature monitoring system in my house that does this. It is supposed to notify you if the temperature drops below a certain level so you can make sure your pipes don’t freeze. And if it loses internet or power it notifies you. It’s very simple to implement. The device checks in with their servers every minute or so. If the server doesn’t get the checkin message it will notify you that it lost connectivity with your device. Works great. And again, very very simple to implement. I think many if not all home alarm systems do this. It’s important functionality for something that you use for monitoring your home. I’m actually using Eufy on my boat in my marina. I have no idea when or if it loses internet or power, but it should notify me if it does. It would be trivial for someone at Eufy to implement this. And I’d be annoyed, but they could probably charge a subscription fee for the feature. Anyway, shame on me for not realizing Eufy didn’t monitor their devices like this. I think I’ll be looking to switch to something else.

Google Nest products send an email notification from Google’s servers after 10min of not detecting the camera(s) or doorbell.

This way you’re alerted to go check your property. It’s either been tampered with, internet connection lost, or you have a power outage.

Eufy needs to establish “phone home” routine to their server where it can relay the offline status to your app.

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Yes this is not good! We use Eufy for our elderly parent who has medical issues. Camera went off at midnight and it may not be on for possibly 6 hours from what I was told. We were not notified and no warning.

This is a good point, has anyone emailed it to support?

Do like the fact that nest send an app notification & email if disconnected for more than 10 mins

Ya no internet

Eufy should institue an email notification feature.

This would enhance product sales

What is the name of the temperature monitoring system?