Wifi password invalid because it contains a space?

When setting up a first-time homebase, I see it can connect to wifi if ethernet goes down.

It sees my home wifi, but when I start typing my correct password, it tells me I have invalid characters. It says this about the space character.

Wifi standards allow spaces, you should too


I second this. This should be easily done supposing it’s just a RegEx… Please priorize this, I dont want to change my Wifi password on ALL devices just because of this…

Eufy has chosen to use a subset of the valid characters in the current Wifi standard document. It’s been this way for several years. It may have something to do with how they store the password or hash but they don’t appear to want to make any changes.

Instead of following standards so their customers don’t have to change all their existing passwords, Eufy decides they are the most important and won’t adapt. Welcome to Eufyland.

Damn, I reset my home base 2 and I’m not able to connect to Wi-Fi anymore. This is really dumb.

This is pretty ridiculous.

Two years later. What’s the plan @eufy_official @eufy_Operation?

I can’t set my brand new HomeBase 2 to use my WiFi network because of this bug. :rage:

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Perfect… been a happy user of Eufy for over 900 days on Ethernet. Moved house and only have option for wifi and can’t due to product limitation not supporting spaces in passwords. Thanks for the push to a new product that supports its user base better!

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Eufy try to do minimum.
Wish list is fake.

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@eufy_official @eufy_Operation: still waiting. This is basic stuff, and in five minutes I’ve found about ten posts about this.

@eufy_official @eufy_Operation; why can’t we use spaces in our passwords when connecting the homebase to WiFi? No way I’m changing the password on a ton of devices already connected to the networks.

Totally returning these products and going for another brand. This is ridiculous, lmao.