WiFi password incorrect, then bricked!

Hi, am I the only one that has had a problem with putting the WiFi password in?
Tried with 2 different cameras now and it’s said WiFi password incorrect please try again, but then the camera has bricked itself and gone in a boot loop!!!
Can’t reset it either as the boot loop isn’t long enough to be able to hold down the button for the period necessary.
Any help would be great thanks.
the camera is now back working.
If anyone else has this issue you can try what I did to cure the problem.
All I did was restarted my router, waited for it to be working again, unplugged the camera and plugged it back in again and hey presto!! It connected.
Hope this is helpful to someone.

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Could have been an IP conflict or DHCP on the router playing up, restarting the router would normally clear this issue.