Wifi Fingerprint Smart Lock sometimes does not allow manual lock

I’ve noticed sometimes the smart lock will not allow me to manually lock the door after I have opened and left the door open for a few seconds and then close it. I can go tot he app and lock it from there though. Generally if I open the door and immediately close it I it lets me manually lock. Unsure why that is but if it keeps happening might need to exchange it for a new one.

I have the same issue…door is closed and unlocked and will not easily allow me to manually lock the door. I can turn the lock to the locked position if I force it. Then a few minutes later it turns freely. It feels like I’m fighting the mechanism. Is this a common problem and do I need a new lock?

Same with me, but it’s either way. Once I force unlock/lock it, it becomes to move freely like normal. :man_shrugging: I hope this can get addressed. I hope it’s not a battery drainer.

i have the same issue. contacted support and they say to try slightly turn the knob the opposite direction and then you should be able turn to another direction easily after. i was amazed thats how my concern was addressed when this is happening almost everyday. So basically if my door is locked and you couldnt unlock it, it is normal to make a force turn again to the lock position first before unlocking. All I can say is that this lock is a tricky lock.