Why would i need to choose a sensitivity level for distance of motion / Activity Zone

If I am using an ACTIVITY ZONE? Detection Type set to All Motions. Any movement within that activity zone should be detected and be recorded.
Sensitivity level makes no sense and shouldn’t apply to an activity zone, perhaps that’s where lies the problem of things being detected outside of the activity zone EUFY.

Okay, I’m gonna reply in the same fashion as OP.

You obviously haven’t done your research before buying the doorbell. It’s motion activated and a PIR sensor has several levels of sensitivity. Based on the PIR detection, the doorbell determines whether someone is in the activity zone and if it’s not, it will not notify you.
I really don’t see how one simple setting is making you so angry…

Thank you for explaining how the sensitivity setting for the PIR / motion sensor works.

What I understand it is for the detection at a distance 1 for being less and 5 for more distance within your activity zone.

Angry, nah. More disappointed, that it’s not obeying my activity zone. The doorbell will record autos and people outside the zone. The activity zone straight on from doorbell to end of driveway is 28 ft, but yet it detect motion outside the zone that’s 45 ft away. Here’s a screenshot of it. I don’t understand why it’s detecting motion or even scanning for motion outside of the activity zone?