Why most events never get captured

Check out the photo for the 2C camera detection - This is why the cameras don’t trip - the detection zone is closer to only 20˚, and maxes out ~20 feet. You can see a lot, set detection zones all you like, but the cams have a very limited detection zone.

When you factor in a delayed response it’s no wonder so much is missed. In my experience these seem best suited for close range interaction. I’ve set everything to record on the highest sensitivity and still, unless I’m within 20 feet of the camera, nothing is going to happen.

What’s weird though, is the cars from the street getting picked up from over 200 feet away, even outside the specified zones - they get recorded, albeit several seconds later. :confused:

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Let this not get buried by @Mengdi …I’ve reached out to several users with various cam setups and the results are the same - 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet max?

The camera view is nice. Great quality. Wide angle. Low cost. However… the detection settings only work with an extremely limited field of view.

Look at their own diagram - a 4 foot 5 inch person is depicted at 15 feet under ideal placement/circumstances. And if it rains? Snows?? I’m beginning to think these are hardware limitations hence the push towards newer products.

There must also be a minimum detection time software limitation too - I guess to save battery. Would be nice if you had the option to reduce that if you’re ok with extra battery use (get a eufy solar panel out already!?). I know I’d prefer to recharge more often than miss more/all of an important event.

I say this because I’ve noticed that if I have the status LED turned to on, and I pass through the detection zone briefly, the red light will go on for a moment (i.e. it detects!!!) but then no event is recorded…

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The camera has about a 20 feet detection range and then there’s about a 5 second delay before it starts recording… someone walking at a normal pace will pass right through the detection area before the camera notices them. 3 miles per hour is 22 feet per 5 seconds and that is more than 20.

This is ignoring that motion detection cameras are quite unreliable if the motion is moving directly at or away from them.

There have been quite a few instances where I know for a fact someone approached and retreated from my door all without a word from my cameras. If it can happen with something innocent like a package delivery, someone actually intent on avoiding the cameras can make jokes of it.

For that matter I disconnected and walked around with my cameras, anti theft was fine with that but hated me drilling anywhere near it (I was hanging solar panels).

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What’s worse is that HomeKit integration doesn’t have much better detection algorithms, just different. So now I have a Reolink Argus 2 mounted next to my 2C and there’s a big difference in detection. I’ll say this so far - the Reolink cameras are well thought out in terms of use-cases and scenarios, including the functionality within the app. Range is pretty amazing too (no home base required). It doesn’t have all the HomeKit/etc. integrations but I’d say Eufy has ~1-2 years of catching up to do.