Why isn't my battery recharging when its wired?

Why is my battery draining when its wired?? It is not charging back to 100 percent when wired

I think it’s supposed to go to 90%, drain to 80% and then charge back to 90% to keep the battery from dying. If it’s dropping below that it may not be getting enough power.

Why is it recharging the battery instead of just using electricity to operate the doorbell like any other doorbell?

I think it’s to keep the battery from failing prematurely, if you constantly recycle the power to the battery it can prelong the life.

It’s because it’s the battery doorbell and it is fabricated to run on the battery. The fact you can wire it so it can constantly top the battery is very nice as you don’t have to charge it every week.
If you wanted it to use the doorbell wires directly to operate on, you should have gotten the wired doorbell.