Why is there no two-way audio in HomeKit?

I was wondering. Why is there no two-way audio for Eufys cameras in HomeKit? Is it not possible, or are you still working on it? Seems to be needed for doorbells!


I would also like to know. Is this coming in a future firmware update?

This is there in other brands. Ecobee told me that it is coming to their camera soon as well. Definitely needed. Audio does not need a high bandwidth requirement. And if it isn’t a homekit limitation and already in the eufy app it should be easy. My guess is that they want you to keep using their app so they retain some features there.

I really hope so. I bought the doorbell after reading here that Eufy claimed homekit was coming in the future. After I read the claim that it’s not possible for the Eufy camera’s here I was wondering whether it is ever going to come.

Word of advice. Never by a device with a promise for homekit support. Wait for it to be released first. I know it’s been a long wait for everyone but HSV is not without bugs at the moment either.

Homekit requires Full duplex hardware for two way audio, the indoor cameras do not have this however the battery door bell does.

If that is true they need to stop making any promises or suggestive comments, just announce this publicly/widespread so people don’t ask anymore. We can move on and find something else if we really need it.

There needs to be a distinction of not supporting right now versus not supporting ever.

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Got this detailed response from eufy on amazon:

For the time being, according to Homekit access requirements, they support Full Two-way audio that can receive and transmit audio through the IP camera at the same time or will not support Two-way audio. However, for IndoorCam, the two-way audio feature cannot receive and transmit audio at the same time, you need to press the “Hold and Speak” button on the live feed continually when you talk to the camera, and then you won’t hear the third party talking into the cam. At the current stage, we are not able to communicate with the one in front of the camera at the same time. Therefore, it is not supported by the Home APP at the moment.

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Any update on this one Eufy? Please and thank you! :slight_smile:

Still hoping this can be added 1 year later please! Have several indoor 2K cams and 2K Pans. In addition, outdoor 2C Pro’s. All working great with HomeKit but just missing this 1 feature…

Also, just tried the new VOCOlinc VC1 indoor Pan. Now on Amazon. Does have 2 way mic with HKSV! But, video and audio quality is not the same. Also, does not have the option to automatically follow movement in the room.

Thank you! :slight_smile: