Why is the Eufy app freezing and disabling my iPhone (11 Pro Max)?

EUFY! Why are you all silent on a fix, update, or resolution???

Today, it happened again on my iPhone 15 Pro Max - Eufy Blue Screen of Death

My iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 16.7.2 and Eufy app V4.7.90_1371 just froze on Eufy Security blue screen. Could not reboot for awhile, phone finally timed out and when into sleep mode, but woke up with frozen Eufy blue Security screen again. I tried a few times with up volume down volume and then side button hold - it finally worked. During this process, I did get Siri activated and I didn’t try asking Siri to power off and restart the phone. I found this Eufy community note and it helped explain some things, but why is this still happening in 2024?

Now, I hadn’t rebooted my iPhone for awhile and I did have quite a few apps opened and in use, but I also have a 512GB iPhone 12 Pro, which has lots of memory too. Good news is that after I got the forced low level reboot, it’s working fine. I didn’t have to reload the Eufy app and I can access all my cameras again.

This happen to me this morning it locked me out of the phone. I also have one camera that I can’t get the wifi to come back on line after I’ve done everything they recommend. Fustrated.

This just happened to me and could not reset my iPhone 14 Pro Max with the buttons. It ended up calling 911 and my emergency contacts. It’s terrible that this is a known bug and still is occurring after 6 years!?!?!? Was able to ask Siri to restart the phone. That was the only way to get my phone functional again. What is going on?!?!?!?

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This just happened on my wife’s phone. iPhone 11. None of the suggested methods have worked. She doesn’t use Siri. Did get something of a control panel by madly swiping down from the top edge of the screen so could turn on the flashlight to drain the battery. Will wait to see if this does anything for us.

Still happening in April 24 - come Eufy get your act together, or do you not have good enough programmers?
I did manage to go into flight mode and reboot after about 20 minutes, but it seems as if you don’t care about your faithful customers.

I would send them feedback every week until issue is fixed.

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Just went through that awful experience with the app freezing and triggered emergency call to 911 and sending out emergency text to
My contacts. Just installed Eufy doorbell camera last night too! I wonder if my phone is now compromised/hacked…

Still the same issue! well did not call 911 but the emergency line in my country 112
Unfortunately nothing of the above helped - so I think I need to wait until the battery dies.
Very bad software - same thing connecting to the home base is a 50% chance it connets.
If I had this information earlier - I would have skipped anker andor eufy solutions…

Just happened to me. Was able to use the method to shut down: up volume, down volume, power button.

The Eufy app freezing and disabling your iPhone could be due to a software glitch or compatibility issue between the app and your device. Try updating the app and your iPhone’s operating system to see if that resolves the problem. If not, contact Eufy’s customer support for further assistance.

It just happened to me, and thinking someone hacked my phone, so i removed the SIM card and power off the WiFi. then I searched the Web, and bring me here.

the normal shutdown method doesn’t work, it just made my phone flash can blaring alarm. finally I bring out the Siri, and asked Siri to power off my phone. after reboot the phone, everything went to normal.

Because the phone just hang in the eufy App starting screen, it must be the App bug.

It just happened to me too, eufy app frozen my iPhone 13 Pro. After resetting it at the next day eufy stopped working. Any suggestions?

Solution for iPhone 13 pro

1- Press and quickly release the volume up button
2-Press and quickly release the volume down button
3-Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears, which can take about 10 seconds

Have you tried interacting with the notifications from the Eufy app (e.g., long-pressing them)?