Why is eufy updating my cameras without my knowledge

Checking my cameras today, I noticed something strange. The cameras’ picture seem to be different. The picture seem to have more contrast.
Then I noticed the little red dot in my iphone app. The firmware was updated in my cameras and in the base.

One of my cameras is stuck in the firmware update state. It has been like that for hours.

Now I have a few cameras with strange looking pictures, 1 camera stuck in firmware update, and playback issues on another cam.

Why is eufy updating my hardware automatically? Why are these updates pushed to my system at ramdom times? Why don’t I have control over this?

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Most companies perform silent updates. It’s not always convenient. Take some screen grabs, post it here and email support regarding the one cam that’s not fully updated.

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I’m having the same exact problem. Been updating for hours and I can’t turn the camera off or anything, and the other camera will only play live stream for about twenty seconds before I get (unable to play live video)

I have exactly the same issue. It’s just draining battery and no idea how long it will take to complete update

Are you guys in the US? No update on my HB2. I realize they may not push to everyone at the same time so I’m just curious.

I’m from the uk. Still nothing has changed, one still says updating and the other still won’t stay on longer than 20 seconds. I also only charged them 2 days ago and the one stuck on updating is on 80% battery already and the other not updating is still on 100%.

No they don’t. Not with this type of product.

Two of my security cameras are not working at the moment because some, other than me, is “playing” with them.

My camera has been stuck on updating.
I cannot remotely turn it off, becsuse it is supposedly updating.
The power is draining at an amazing rate. I think it will drain itself by tomorrow.
Which is giving me a headache, and extra work to do.

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I understand its annoying and extra work for you. But all the big brands do this. I don’t agree with and like you, I rather choose to upgrade. Raise it with support.

Big brands like Apple, Google, Hikvision? They all give you the choice to decide if you want to upgrade. And upgrade only when you are ready to do so.

Just imagine that you left for a business trip. The next day your home cam system stops working. What do you do?
You worry. Because you have no control over your security system.
Not good.


Personally I like the automatic updates.

But I think there should be a toggle in the app for this.

The same issue. Updating for a whole day, power draining rapidly.
Out of US.

Same in The Netherlands, camera is updating for hours, battery is draining and I am on holidays

At this point I would expect nothing less from Eufy.

Cameras updated. Batteries down from 94% to 50%.

Same here. All cameras from 1 package installed on the same day.

camera 1 updated to 2.6.2. Battery level since install droppen to 84% 45 days running on battery save mode.
This one detected 1955 occurences and ai filtered out 1415.

Camera 2 says it is has last firmware but is still on 2.6.1 since late may. Doesn’t seem to update. 1625 detections of which AI filterd out 873 cases (which I don’t really like since it seems to be too much at random, missing what really should be recorded). Battery dropped to 16% and draining fast while detecting nothing anymore. Dropped 20% overnight already!
Should be equal ~85-90 since it is in the least active position.

Camera 3 is Completely dead and charging now. Was stuck in update mode yesterday whole day and could not even turned off. Now still in 2.6.1 and saying it is update-to-date.

@Mengdi what is going on here?

I am starting to get concerned about the quality seriously. Missing recordings already and have way too many false positives (eg recording movements outside activity zones) poor sound, poor recordings at random etc etc.

If not solved in a few weeks all will go return to the shop and will invest in a better system.

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Same here, battery drained from 100% to 45. Firmware update to 2.6.2 was somehow stuck one of the cameras. Couldn’t connect to it. I had to climb to take it off and reset it. Removed the device from homebase and added it again. After that it updated right away to 2.6.2 and started working ok. So exactly the same problem as @Waakhond has. Think there is someting wrong in the latest firmware…

After instructing my neighboors on how to reboot the basestation, it is up and running again.
I read thsi elsewhere as a solution to get out of the ‘camera is updating’ mode.

I hope that Eufy will stop this unexpected update processes, I want to choose an update moment myself! Especially when an update requires that someone has to reboot the system.

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Rebooted home base -> no change
Removed camera 3 and reconnected it -> no change

Still on 2.6.1 and mentioning it is up-to-date. Charging now but still look for the answer from eufy…

Well, according the log 2.6.2 should solve fast battery drainig issue during update, but why then was it not observed since 2.6.1 was installed late may?

It seems to me that trying to do this automatic update towards 2.6.2 is actually draining the battery…

I just kept pushing the sync button from camera until it turned off (thought that was the camera reset). It was removed from the homebase automatically what I remember… I was so sleepy at that point so I could remember wrong. After that I had to add the camera again to homebase. I didn’t reset the homebase.