Why is Eufy motion AI so bad?

I have a T8200 wired doorbell. The motion detection on it is absolutely dire. My milkman can walk up to the door and leave the property and it does not even detect him. Yet during the day I am constantly pinged by cars driving past because the so called AI thinks a round wheel is a human! Also at certain times of the day it confuses the rear brake light lense on my car as Human, a patch of sky seen through my porch roof supports as Human, logos on the side of passing vehicles as Human. But any REAL Humans that walk up to the camera either do not get detected at all or only detect once they are walking away.

I bought the wired version specifically because it is supposed to have pre-roll on it for detection and so you can see people faces, not the back of their heads.

I have tried to use the detections zones to blank out the road and stop cars being picked up but it STILL detects the wheels. I’ve tried turning up sensitivity to pick up actual people on my property (the whole point of buying a security cam in the first place!) and all it does is increase false alarms.

How can I trust this device to help protect me when it can’t do basic functionality properly?

I’ve seen multiple complaints similar to this. Does Eufy actually listen and fix problems or are they just focusing on the gravy train of pushing new products that no doubt will be equally as crap?


Just had my Eufy wired doorbell for 24 hours, replacing a RING due to their outrageous price increase for the cloud service. The Ring was perfect in terms of motion and human detection, and the responsivity was almost instant despite the upload/download path. This Eufy is appalling by comparison… really great video quality, but that’s it. I have all the misidentification issues described in the post above, although person detection actually walking up to the camera is OK. Both my visible car wheels are ‘human’ and of course I can only draw one ‘avoidance’ zone…how stupid. Reading posts, this has been a common theme for years. Why don’t they just reverse engineer Ring’s software?

It’s also often very slow to display events after an alert,takes it’s sweet time ‘decrypting from local storage’ sometimes. I hoped for better…


Welcome to Eufy!

Unfortunately, don’t expect it to get any better. The last year it has got even worse. I still get dozens of wheels per day, no people. Now I even get a building across the road from me being tagged as a human each morning!! Pretty sure the AI here stands for Absence of Intelligence.

Seems I’m not alone! I have the 2k battery doorbell (so no pre-roll), which I’ve wired, but basically have a similar experience as you. I’ve actually switched to “all motion” from “human detection”, but like you, I’ve set my activity zone a fair bit from the curb, but on sunny days, the doorbell will register every passing car as an event. Conversely, If I pull into or back out of the driveway slowly, no motion will be detected.

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