Why is a space no longer allowed when naming a camera?

I switched my Front Door camera with my Garage camera last charging rounds. Now I go to rename the “garage” camera “Front Door” because that’s where it is now located, and it won’t let me put a space between front and door. Advises me that “special characters are not allowed.”
Please change back to what your rules previously were, when things were obviously different t since I was initially able to name a camera with two words. Seems ridiculous not to allow multiple words I a camera name considering people may have 6,8 or more cameras. Now I’ve got FrontDoor as a name.

I submitted a ticket on this last week. There were multiple items on the same ticket. They responded they were fixing the primary problem in the next release, but I didn’t hear back on the space problem. I’ll check with them tomorrow and see if they are including the fix for this in the next app release.

I was able to find a workaround. One of my tablets had an older version of the app software. The version is 2.8.2_914. This still works for naming with a space. So, any time I want to change a name, I use this version and it changes it for all versions.

Note: This tells me that they didn’t change the underlying table definition, just the app validation code, which should be an easy fix. I’ll post their reply when I get it.

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The Android app version for June 8 (v3.0.0_964) fixes this issue. You can now use spaces in names again.