Why does the H3 need to be connected to a Router?

I’m about to receive my H3, I’m reading that it needs it’s ethernet connection to be plugged into my router.

1. Connect the HomeBase 3 to your WiFi router’s LAN Port.

Can I plug it into an ethernet switch? I have network cabling all over my house which is distributed using network switches. I don’t want nor is it readily available to place the H3 next to my router.

It’s just for the setup purpose, after that you can connect it wirelessly and then remove the ethernet cable and place the HB3 in a different location.

I would think the ethernet switch would also work, it is physically connected to your router?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, my switch is connected directly to my router.

A switch should be fine. The HB just needs a path to internet to complete the setup.