Why does my security camera have a filter option for "crying?" Lol

Well, I had a screen shot I was gonna post, but on mobile app, can’t seem to figure out how to include an image. It says I can drag, but that doesn’t help on mobile… Says I can paste… Did that but it just pasted the last copied text, not the copied picture. Anyways, yeah, it says I can filter by person, animal, and crying. Lol.

Hello @sporatic83 can you provide some more details as which camera you are talking about and where did you find this filter? a screenshot will always be better.

On any camera, if you click on the Events and click on the Filter, you get these options:

I noticed this back in June and thought it was funny. I think it means like baby crying? In the Indoor Cameras, you can choose to generate events based on Sound, and the sound options are either All sound or Crying sound. For playback of events, this filter is available for All cameras.

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Some users use the camera as a baby monitor. There are quite a few settings designed specifically for that