Why did I get notification about visitor but no recording?

Got a notification in the middle of the night about a visitor but don’t see anything recorded in events. Anybody know why? Just got this wired doorbell installed and already set up notification, motion detection … and was working fine when tested. Thanks!

Have you checked back since? Has the video appeared? The video usually appears after the camera stops . If you check straight away it doesn’t usually show up.

Do you have the Record Video checked under the Security tab for your device? If that isn’t checked, it keeps the device from making any recording, regardless of the other settings.

It records sometimes but occasionally doesn’t; occasionally when it should have alerted it didn’t … it works great when it does, but this lack of reliability is driving me crazy!

I am having a similar issue with a completely different product, the floodlight cam. I have 2 of them. One works fine but the other intermittently doesn’t. In the middle of the night, sometimes the light comes on but it sends no notification and records nothing. I am working with Eufy support to exchange that unit for a new one.