Whole series of problem with Eufy 2k Battery wireless doorbell

My Eufy 2k battery wireless doorbell was working very well for the first 1 month then it started to have a whole series of issues

  1. At random times when someone press the doorbell, my Homebase just won’t ring and when it does ring… the sound is very choppy and distorted. I have to power off and turn back on to get the sound back to normal or to have the ring notication back on the Homebase.

  2. Recently my doorbell kept going offline for no reason. Homebase is on Ethernet and it’s showing blue light. Pressing the doorbell does not trigger the Homebase. Then after maybe few minutes or so it suddenly came back online and the connection strength dropped till 2 bar and suddenly back on full.

I never had connection issues before but I don’t know what’s going on with the realiablbity of eufy

I have similar issues. Had 2 replacements from eufy and they both randomly go offline.