Who has mounted doorbell with sticky pads?

I’ve a battery video doorbell and ideal please to mount it would be on the front door upvc frame. Has anybody mounted their doorbell with sticky pads rather than with screws? Thank you

No I haven’t but I’m sure if you buy some 3M brand, outdoor sticky tape it wouldn’t fall off the door.

The only problem will be a thief can just pull it off your door instead of it being screwed in.

You can still screw into a UPVC door, the best way is to drill pilot holes for the screws then use silicon mastic to fill the little hole and screw in before it dries or put PTF tape around the screws to create a seal.


I used No-Nails adhesive tape for this purpose on a uPVC frame. Works great.


How has this held up? I have just got a new door fitted and I really don’t want to attach the doorbell with screws. I have been looking at the gorilla glue adhesive pads, but unsure if this will work