Where can I find manuals/ documentation?

I go to the eufylife website looking for manuals/documentation, I click on support and there’s nothing there but quick start guides ,
I just set up the 2c cams and a 2k pan/tilt

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I need manuals too. The documentation is all fluff and rainbows. I want to see what the steps are. I specifically want to know the wifi requirements. Some reviews say the cameras only connect to the base directly over its own wifi network. I have great wifi and won’t use anything that’ll stick another 2.4G signal out there to increase congestion. I barely tolerate Sonos.

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The outdoor cams won’t work without a base station, neither does the battery doorbell.

The Homebase connects to your internet/Eufy server, without the Eufy servers being up, you can’t see footage or camera settings.

If it says Homebase required, you are stuck. The indoor cam hooks up direct to your internet, no HB needed.