When are we getting IFTTT

Hi Eufy Security!

I am hoping that someone @Mengdi @eufy_official @AnkerSupport @Yanyee1 can answer the question when will we get IFTTT?

If I could at least get something like: end of the year Q1 next year Q3 this year. Anything would be great so I have an idea. I’m trying to figure out how to set up my Security System. I really need Eufy Security to work with IFTTT. I want to have my smart lights flash on and off when my Eufy Cameras detect a person.



I would like to switch security mode via IFTTT.


Or even Apple shortcut or widget


They said it was coming soon back in 2018 on the Kickstarter. So probably never.

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Good luck trying to get an answer. I’ve been trying for months.

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I’ve had some success using ifttt applet that turns my lights on when I receive notification from the eufy app that contains the word “someone”.
works well.


You can’t have limited exposure to the internet AND ifttt integration. Ifttt could potentially expose your setup to hackers

I expect IFTTT never to be implemented, no matter how much they have promised it. Meanwhile they are not advertising IFTTT as a feature in descriptions or on packages.


Perhaps a secondary server that is only a notification output api with no calls. Like RSS but for your eufy account? That could work with IFTTT