Whats your most wanted feature for Eufy Indoor camera/eufy app

I have a couple of the indoor pan-tilt 2k cams. I am pretty happy with the cost and the quality but there is room for improvement… Here is my list…whats yours?


  • Great quality of sound and video
  • Easy to add to the hub
  • Controls for pan tilt are responsive
  • price
  • Works with my google nest hub max (little slow to connect but it works)


  • No grid feature in the app so I can monitor multiple cameras
  • No ip info or stream image so I can incorporate into other smart dashboards
  • No integration with IFTT(this would be huge)
  • Camera doesn’t have a return home option, if you pan tilt to look at something it doesn’t automatically return to a home position after a certain time


  1. Large file downloads/easier downloads. I would like the ability to pull the all footage on the SD card. (ie, days at a time). Either by having an option to decrypt the SD from within the app or some other way to get days worth of footage in one go.

  2. Timeline scrubbing in addition to time-lapse

I think above all the ‘feature’ most would like to see is better reliability overall!!!


Yup my top requests:

  • home position (it seems it will miss intruders when parked looking at a corner)
  • video scrubbing

I’d like my door bell to work like it’s supposed to, only two months old and seems to have some serious issues with it

Say what!?!?!?! What hub?

Arm/disarm all devices in a group and not having to do this for each device separately.


Wouldn’t recommend this system. Takes tooooo long to notify my phone. Very quick when you leave the house but useless when approaching . Persons have come and gone before it notifies my phone . Waste of time . Come on eufy sort it !!!

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A home function for the pan & tilt camera would be nice.

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Petrol mode
360 detection hexahon.
Scheduled lca.era location