What’s it mean when I went to log into anker site by my app & my X email came up

Hi there peoples :star_struck:
I was on my app and I went to log into the anker site from my app & it came up with my X’s Email first and I never used or knew his email before & his the one whom brought me these camera and base but said that I was to activate them thru Eufy app!
So does anyone that mean he’s made his own account on my cameras before I got them so he can stalk me? Because he is a stalker to me but some weird things have happened to my footage in the past & some days there’s none there at all specially when I’ve been at work & doe around 2 hours there’s no footage but after that it’s fine or I’ve actually heard not long ago when I was home by myself & I left him a voice speak through my front camera twice with In 15 mins but I’ve never heard that before and I haven’t since cuz we got back together!!

If your back with the stalker… do you care?

Use a new email and reset the base station

If you heard his voice, sounds like he also has setup access for himself as well. If the kit is supposed to be truly yours, setup your own account, unregister the kit to his email address and register them to yours. If he wants access, you have control whether to give him it, and either as Guest or Admin. If you cannot unregister the kit or have no access to deleting footage/etc, then you don’t have Admin and he has set you up as a Guest and he has full control of kit still.

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Thank you but I’m not back with him

Thank you for your help and how do I I register it plzzzz ? :pray: