What is the red dot for?

Hi, anyone knows what does that red dot over menu button indicate? It came with a update around 1 month ago. I checked every single item under the menu, could not see anything related.


It appeared then the new ‘Cloud Storage’ section was added, but like you, I’m confused was to what it’s supposed to do and there’s no way to clear it.

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Also have the red dot? Cannot clear

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Me too. Can’t clear it.

I also cannot clear it

Red dot means there is something new in this tab.


I think it’s buggy. Nothing new, everything been read

Hi, same issue here. :thinking:
I have checked several times:

  • uninstalled/reinstalled the App
  • logout/login
  • menu items

but nothing done.

Thanks for your sharing.

It will be fixed via the next upgraded APP version, please keep an eye on the APP update.

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Thanks Anker, the latest update fixed it.