What is the point of having Eufy camers for security?

I have two Eufy Pan & Tilt camera’s in my three car garage at each end facing each other (38 feet apart) . When I have them enable for all motions at the lowest sensitivity I get false alerts when the sun shines in the top row of windows in the garage doors when the wind blows the leaves in the trees (got 96 alerts from one camera in one day). I also get alerts from each camera around 4:37am every morning as it appears each camera is picking up the IR of the other when for some reason they pan through the garage. What makes this stranger is the alert shows a thumbnail of me but I am in bed so the picture is one from earlier in the day (this happens every day like clock work). If I change the setting to “person” and “pet” only at the maximum sensitivity I get no alerts when my wife leaves and takes one of the cars. She car is in the middle stale of the garage and has to pass within 10 feet of one of the camers so I would expect the cameras to detect her. I got no alerts when she left today so what is the point of the Eufy cameras for security when it just don’t work or gives false alerts?

I just went into the garage to help unload the car and it did not pick her up, me in the garage and when I waved two hands in the air it finally send an alert. Guess you have to wave at the camera to make them work. :slight_smile:

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Definitely sounds weird, I would reset the cameras and try it. If still doesn’t work right, contact support@eufylife.com

Change the sensitivity to another number

My Cam 2 does not recognize a “person” if someone walks past my truck on the far side so that the person is partially hidden. But if they walk on the side closest to the camera within full view of the camera, it registers a human alert if set to human only. If set to all motions it registers as a “motion alert”.