What is Eufy Community about?

Came to know about the New Eufy Community this morning from a port on Anker Community “We’re moving”

Is this community ONLY focused on Eufy Security Products (eufycam, doorbell, security sensor, …) OR includes the entire Eufy Product Portfolio such as Robovac, Smart speaker, health, lighting?

Can Eufy Admin / Moerators provide more insight?


Yea this needed a better detailed welcome wagon. Hopefully it comes soon.

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@Shenoy I guess it is still in testing phase. Hoping there will be a formal announcement and huge party time for eufy fans and customers :thinking:


From the product listing in Gallery selection, I can see all eufy products there… so assume it’s for all eufy branded items.

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I would still wait to hear from Eufy folks if this is dedicated for Security Products from Anker Eufy … since…

  1. Community Name has CommunitySecurity.eufylife.com does it mean there will be another community.eufylife.com for other appliances such as lighting,robovac, …etc

  2. Gallery has all Security cam articles except your and my Robovac uploads

  3. Eufy Community Icon has Security, as well in the Gallery

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I agree. let’s wait for the official response then :thinking:

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More suspicion now that the footer has listed 2 different forums listed. The appliance section actually taking you back to the main Anker forum … :man_facepalming:


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Great question, im guessing it’s gonna be all Eufy items and not just security (cams, motion sensors and such)

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I bet it will just be Security.

I’ve noticed that Eufy hasn’t been doing a lot with other Eufy products lately.

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Hi Shenoy,

Yes you are right, this forum is only for eufy Security products (eufyCam, Doorbell, Baby Monitor…). In the near future the Security App will also sync with this forum, so it will be easier for you to get updated. We are running ahead very fast, please look forward!


Thank you for the clarification!!

I am Indeed impressed with the news of Indoor cam from Eufy

This just feels kinda weird, but it might be a good thing.

Yes, it will be release soon, a secret is that our indoor camera will be better than most of the competitors in the market. So please look forward!

that news is just awesome, would love to get one to test out … hopefully!

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Any idea when it’s releasing?