Web Portal on PC: Accessing Events and Live view

I recently purchased 2 Eufy S340 solo cam’s. I am very happy with the cameras but I have some concerns, questions I hope you can help me out with:

  1. How do I watch the “events” from the S340 cameras on a “computer” or do you need a cloud subscription for watching “events” on a “computer (it works fine on my cellphone)”?

This is what I get from the web portal on my PC: When I go to Eufy’s web portal for the PC, to see my S340 events I get this message; “No videos on Cloud Backup

  • It’s unavailable to play the clips stored in HomeBase local storage by web portal because they have been advanced encrypted. It’s recommended you to play them in the app or subscribe to the cloud recording service.”
  1. Is there any way to view both cameras live at the same time on a “computer” (it works fine on my cellphone, just not a PC)?

  2. On the web portal for PC: Is there any way to access the cameras live without renewing your access code every 24 hours? So maybe every week or month require an access code?

I am having a hard time understanding the purpose of the web portal if you can’t access the “events” (which is critical) and have to continually setup access codes for watching the cameras live.

Would obtaining a cloud subscription to Eufy solve any of the above issues and which issues?

Thank you so much for your help and understanding.

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A follow up on this issue. After spending hours with emails to support and phone calls to support I learned the two cameras I have, Solo S340 do NOT work with cloud storage (after already buying cloud storage).

I find this has been a very frustrating issue. First, if a camera isn’t compatible with cloud storage you shouldn’t be able to sign up for it as it marks your device model and also the serial number. Two, after several emails with support explaining my cameras models they still didn’t tell me they were not compatible. It took an AI email response to get that information. I even had one person from Eufy on the phone who couldn’t understand why they were not working even after telling them over and over exactly what cameras I had. In the end, for some cameras like mine the PC portal is completely useless, worthless.

Then comes trying to get a refund. Not so simple, spent an hour waiting on the phone only to be told they don’t handle refunds on the phone. I had to email Eufy which again thanks to an AI Eufy response I was able to submit the proper information to get my refund going.

Eufy support really needs to improve a great deal, it is a joke and a true hassle.
The PC software end of Eugy is a joke and needs a serious improvement.
The android app is fine, they need to mimic that for PC access without all these codes and constant renewal codes and make it work for all the cameras.

You can see what is compatible with what cloud storage:
Storage Methods Compatibility for eufySecurity Device