Web portal live stream suddenly stopped?

So I’ve had the cameras setup for a few months and at first I was able to happily live view the back yard camera from Linux Desktop (Debian Mint running Firefox) on my network, this suddenly stopped working, the screen shows no play button but hitting refresh will update the freezed screen shot. I’ve tested this on Win11 and multiple browsers. I can access from my phone app without issue but having a big screen live feed is what I had, and what I want.
Any reason this suddenly stopped working and anyone else notice the same thing?
Australia based

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I’m having the same problem, I bought a second hand 70” Sony television simply to use for my cameras, Which is supported by linux, I can’t download any play store apps on this device which means no Eufy apps work. And then my last possible option (as far as I know) was to use the tv as a desktop and sign into the destktop portal. But as I go to the Eufylife web page absolutely nothing appears. Do I have any other options in regards to watching my cameras on a large screen (Linux) operating system?

You can use a Linux Android emulator to load the Eufy app on your TV. I use Bluestacks on Windows and its been working for almost 3 years. Lately, there have been some issues with the latest versions of the app. I rolled back to v4.6.1_1655 and that is working fine. Haven’t tried any of the Linux emulators so can’t tell you which one would be suitable for that OS.

Depending on your camera model, you can enable RTSP - although it only goes active when motion occurs.

Update your Firefox browser to the latest version and ensure that any plugins or extensions are up to date. Sometimes, outdated browser versions or conflicting plugins can cause issues with live video streaming. Additionally, try accessing the camera feed using other browsers on your Linux desktop to see if the issue persists.

I’ve been using my Eufy Security camera setup for a few months now, and initially, I had no issues live viewing the camera feed from my Linux desktop. However, recently I encountered a problem where the live view functionality suddenly stopped working. I’m running a Linux distribution (Debian Mint) and primarily use Firefox as my web browser. The live view screen no longer displays the play button, and refreshing only updates the frozen screenshot without showing the real-time feed. I’ve also tested this on multiple browsers in a Windows 11 environment. Regards