Weak Wi-Fi signal from base 3 ( Repeater )

Hi there,

I have a home base 3 and 6 EUFY S330 cameras.

The range of the home base 3 wifi signal is too low.
I would like to make a wifi bridge between the home base 3 and a wifi router from another brand than eufy.

Have you already done this?

If yes, by what technical means?

Thank you in advance for your assistance :wink:

Well, I haven’t done this. Though I believe you have only three options.

  1. A longer ethernet cable so you may move the home base 3 in a central position of your home closer to your cameras.

  2. Relocate the cams closer to home base.

  3. Wi-Fi repeater/extender to connect to your homes Wi-Fi with LAN/ethernet port to connect home base 3 via ethernet cable. This would give you some choices for the placement of the HomeBase3 depending on where you have electrical outlets.

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Hi, following up on this topic, i have a mixture of S330 and S300 new cameras running on a base 3 placed in the office where i have UPS power backup.
The 2 story house is relatively big hence i previously installed 3 wifi access points for full coverage of the house and driveway.
I cannot connect a eufy camera from the garage back door to base 3 even thou one wifi access point is just meters away.
How can i extend the base 3 range in my scenario?
Can i use a spare base 2 as a booster for that end of the house?
Please help.

The spare base won’t work like that. You could use the spare base just for that camera in the garage though.
Base 3 now has Wi-Fi capability and is able to connect to your homes Wi-Fi. If you’re not using that feature now switching to it would help you be able to move the base 3 closer to that location. I know you have a battery backup connected to it so maybe an extension cord could help with that.

The Wi-Fi access points you have are only good for cameras that don’t require a home base.

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