Weak Wi-Fi signal from base 3 ( Repeater )

Hi there,

I have a home base 3 and 6 EUFY S330 cameras.

The range of the home base 3 wifi signal is too low.
I would like to make a wifi bridge between the home base 3 and a wifi router from another brand than eufy.

Have you already done this?

If yes, by what technical means?

Thank you in advance for your assistance :wink:

Well, I haven’t done this. Though I believe you have only three options.

  1. A longer ethernet cable so you may move the home base 3 in a central position of your home closer to your cameras.

  2. Relocate the cams closer to home base.

  3. Wi-Fi repeater/extender to connect to your homes Wi-Fi with LAN/ethernet port to connect home base 3 via ethernet cable. This would give you some choices for the placement of the HomeBase3 depending on where you have electrical outlets.

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