We want an outdoor siren now🦾

When will @eufy ever hear our cry? We want an outdoor siren please not complicated gadgets. Don’t let us down please. We know you have not plans but please consider and remember your loyal customers. Enrol firmware updates on devices so updates so we feel more secured.

Guys help me spread the word!


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Finallyyyyy. I hope it’s will be compatible with older homebase models and affordable for existing users to purchase. Trust me lots of customers switched to other brands due to lack of outdoor siren. It would be awesome if it has built in backup battery, loud 100db siren, panic light and a 3m charger to power it up. Can’t wait…:slight_smile: :100:

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Im pretty sure new products wont be compatible with older homebase just HB3 to push sales.

Looking at the physical size I would not expect much relative to sound. If you are looking for an interim work around you can buy a Yolink wireless siren, then use an Alexa routine to have it alert as needed.

Oh that’s cool. Does it work with google nest? You are right, doesn’t look like it will sound loud enough to deter.


Not sure if you can really tell the size by the photo. In the R&D stage anything can change. Also, a loud siren could come from a small device. Size isnt everything.

This is a picture of the partial siren which comes from the FCC filings. The antenna is 28 millimeters (1.1 inches). Extrapolating from the antenna dimensions, the outside dimensions are roughly 3 to 3.5 inches square. Size is important for speakers and piezo devices. The black circular component in the middle of the unit is a piezoelectric ceramic speaker. Likely (hopefully) capable of 85-90 decibels. For reference, a hairdryer up close is 90db while a typical alarm bull siren runs 120db. Time will tell but this is just my humble opinion based on the dimensions and a background selling components like these.

Yolink works with Google Home. I wasn’t a fan of the app or the ease of setting up the system. Individual pieces work well, like this siren. The siren although a bull siren type isn’t terribly loud but it is annoying in the house. You could mount it outside as well where it should do a better job getting someone’s attention. Likely better to put one inside and one inside. Both could be triggered by Alexa or Google.

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That’s interesting. Good stuff thanks for the update…

thanks for the update.

Fingers crossed…

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It’s legit…

Siren is finally available in US and UK.


Total waste of money.
If you have a leaving delay or entry delay as etup in security, it ignores it. Alarm goes off as you leave the house.

I understand your concern I believe this will be fixed by Eufy with an update. Apart from that I heard the build quality is good.

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