WE NEED Person Detection AT NIGHT

I don’t understand how people on this forum not constantly complain about this one major flaw from this app? Who in their right mind would want this feature of automatically turning on all motion at night? Like it makes zero sense to have this feature and I’ve even tested the person detection at night and it picks me up perfectly fine as a human being. Please PLEASE give us the option to have human detection during the DAY and NIGHT, even if there is a disclaimer saying it may miss some motions at night. I have an alarm system that triggers when someone breaks into my house, but just no security cam to put the two and two together. WYZE with their paid subscription of human detection does not have this issue at night so why does Eufy which costs x3 as much, but without a yearly fee? And even if it does miss motion I have a SD card to record everything 24/7 so if I do need footage to look back on I can. This camera is so close of being perfect, just completely rendered useless because of this one flaw. Like just look at this video WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THIS and I set the sensitivity to the lowest setting and people might say just create a detection zone. An anti detection zone to my front door??? It works perfectly during the day why can’t it work during the night???
Link to Video:

I have the Solo OutdoorCam C22. If people were wondering.