We need better, Eufy

I wanted to share my frustrations regarding the limitations of the Eufy app and software, which I’ve been using for several years.

One area that could benefit from enhancement is the motion and security modes within the app. It would be wonderful if Eufy could provide options for adjusting the volume or selecting different sound types for the sensors in different customisation modes to allow for different sounds or for the volume to be increased when everyone is asleep. These customization features would allow us to tailor the system to our preferences, resulting in a more user-friendly experience.

Another noticeably absent feature is having all cameras and the home base sound an alarm if, for instance, an alarm system isn’t disarmed in time. This functionality would significantly improve our security setup’s comprehensiveness and ensure all users’ peace of mind. I believe it’s a crucial addition that Eufy should consider implementing. At the same time, however, you can make this by automating it; but it’s things like this where it shouldn’t be a “hidden” feature that only the more intuitive users can find and do.

Moreover, while the custom security modes are appreciated, there is room for improvement in terms of flexibility. It would be a great addition to combine multiple modes and conditions, such as geofencing and scheduling, enabling the system to automatically switch to a different mode during nighttime when everyone is home, for example, while still having the geofencing work. This level of customization would provide us with a more tailored and convenient security experience.

In light of past security concerns, it would be ideal for Eufy to prioritize the addition of new features for the convenience of its customers. Actively seeking feedback from those who own multiple Eufy products or have been long-time app users through surveys could be a productive way to gather insights and ensure that future updates address our diverse needs.

Let’s approach this with a constructive mindset, sharing our frustrations and suggestions for improvement. By working together and expressing our desires for a more versatile and feature-rich Eufy experience, we can encourage positive changes that benefit us all.

With hopeful anticipation,

Regenerate response

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