Waiting over month for indoor cam's. Then a notebook

So I have been waiting over a month for the indoor cams I ordered from eufy. At first it was all good because I understand is a preorder and ship dates are not always guaranteed. But today I was supposed to receive the small one and then the tilt would have ship at a later date. I was exited to find out as soon as I oppened the package that what was inside was a note book and not the cam. Really … A notebook. After all this wait and I cant even receive the right product. Now, im not sure if it is eufy fault or amazon( since it came in a amazom package for some reason but it was ordered from eufy site) but come on at least answwr the phones so I can speak with someone. Sorry for the rant but I’m really had to share it.

Did you order the Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt? It will be shipped in July.

The IndoorCam pre-order products have all already shipped

Email them with your order number and they’ll sort you out :+1:t2:

I order both thru eufy website. Contacted eufy support thru email since the phone line is not working. I had a tracking for the “cam” but received a note book instead. In a amazon package for some reason.

received a note book?