[Vote] Have your say on New homepage UI design of the eufySecurity App!|Design discussion

Hey, eufy fans!

Through your last round of choices, our designers have optimized three versions. The direction of our optimization this time is to make users feel that our products are safer and make users feel at home.:heart_eyes:

Optimization Plan :rofl:

Three options are now optimized for you.strong text

  • Option1
  • Option2
  • Option3
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Where you can find us

If you encounter any problems during use or have any other questions, please contact our customer service team through the following channels:

1)eufy Security app → Help → Call us/Feedback.

2)Ask your questions here at the bottom of this post.

3)Send us an email: support@eufylife.com.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

eufy Security Team

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They do look much better, however there’s still to much wasted real estate at the top of them all. when I open the app I want to see the feed from my cameras. Do like the Home, Away, etc buttons on the top but above that there is a lot of wasted space.


Dead space is still the biggest opportunity for improvement. I know graphics designers often disagree with me, but phone screens are still small and need to be used efficiently for best results.

Option 3 is clearly the best of the lot.

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The first and second design plan should convey a warm home feeling to our users, do you feel it?

Obviously didn’t read the comments from the last one

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Thank you for your suggestion. If the designer reduces the space above, do you agree with the first and second design schemes?

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Even without the wasted space on 1 & 2 I prefer 3
Should have a dark theme as well though, people don’t want their phones glaring at them anymore

I would tighten down option 3 substantially still. If you do the same tigher layout on any of them, it would be fine functionally.

This is a very rough version of what I am saying that wastes minimal space:

Might need to make the name scrolling to limit the size on screens that are narrower, but telling me who I am isn’t generally super helpful.

I like darker themes in general, so would still prefer 3 - but it would be a much smaller margin. Also, I might not be protecting a home (apartment, etc) so showing a pitched roof might or might not mean home to me…


Now that is a good option #3 design, exactly what I was trying to say above. Nice job!!

I don’t think your users are looking for a warm homely feeling when opening the app. I think they want to check on their cameras or change some settings. I think functionality is much more important that a homie feeling.


Thank you for your suggestion.

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I can consider using this structure when the user slides up

Like ARLO, be able to stream more than 1 LIVE at a time.


I like option #3 but an accompanying widget to quickly switch between modes would be nice too.

Being able to view all cameras at once is more important than look and feel. I don’t like swap between all the cams manually. Please add this feature before aesthetics.

They used to say they wouldn’t add that feature due to flattening the batteries but they now have solar panels for the battery cams & as many wired cams so yeah an option to view 2/4/6 cameras at the same time would be useful

Yes, this looks good.
Screen real estate is a precious commodity, and you don’t want to make the camera screenshots tiny to be able to show multiple at the same time, because the top of the screen is taken up by a nice graphic.
Less wasted space is good.

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As a designer myself I understand the desire to include “white space” but as a user I want to scroll as little as possible to click on what I need. Personally I would like the option for a two across grid going very close to the top of all my cameras.

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