Voice feedback / repeating during 2-way audio

Anyone else finding that during 2-way audio sessions that the doorbell plays back what the person has just said?

I wanted to try out the 2-way audio so I went to the doorbell while my friend had my phone upstairs. I could hear him, he could hear me, but I could also hear me again after a 1 or 2 second delay.

Its very off-putting for the person trying to speak into the doorbell. Very much like when you can hear your own voice during a mobile phone call.

When I speak into the doorbell it’s like my voice is coming out of my phone’s speaker and is picked up by my phone’s mic and then fed back to the doorbell.

My phone is nowhere near the doorbell, so this isn’t being caused by a classic feedback scenario.

I’ve got a battery 1080p doorbell.

Try adjusting the volume of the camera, it will be located under the cameras audio settings. Turn the speaker volume down and test again

Thanks, I’ll give that a try but I’m not hopeful it’ll resolve anything. The volume of the echo that the doorbell plays back through its speaker is roughly the same volume it plays for the person speaking via the app/phone. Turning down the doorbell volume is just going to make both voices quieter.

Will test it though.

Adjusting the doorbell audio volume doesn’t fix the problem.

I tried turning the speaker volume down on my phone and that MIGHT have lessened how loud the echo/repeating is at the doorbell, but then it makes the voice of the person speaking into the doorbell too low for me to hear properly on my phone.

Really feels like this issue is caused by the phone mic picking up the sound coming from the phone’s speaker and sending it back to the doorbell.

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I have been in contact with Eufy support and I’m beginning to think they might be a bit useless.

I raised the audio repeating issue with them and they requested a video of it happening. I provided them with one, and they came back a day later asking a pretty pointless question (I’d already provided them with that info). I answered it anyway, and just to be sure I explained again that the echo isn’t happening due to my phone/app being near the doorbell. A day later they reply again… their diagnosis of the problem - the echo is being caused by the doorbell and phone/app being next to each other and picking up sounds from each other!

So three days, one video, and three emails later we are back at square one.

I’ve replied to them again, pointing out the problem and environment again - let’s see if they read and understand it this time. If not, I’ll escalate to their management.

Did you end up solving this?

Did you have any luck finding a solution?

Hi. New user here. Have you resolved this Echo issue? I have the same problem. Just send them an email with a short video. Awaiting their reply.

I have the exact same issue…ugh

I do not have the doorbell but do have a question about it. I have the ability to talk to others on my other eufy devices. So, I have to hit the mic button to be able to communicate with them.

So the question is are you telling them Hi or whatever from the app and they talk and they they are getting the feedback. My mind goes to that when you say Hi and if you are still holding on to the mic button, anything that they would say to you in the app would come though the speaker for you to listen to them and then it would hit your still active mic and would basically echo back to the person that talked to you.

This was just the scenerio that was going through my head to why there was an echo other than a feedback issue from the system itself.

Hi…did you manage to resolve this? I’ve just bought one and having the same issue :man_facepalming:.

Hi I have this problem too! It looks like it has something to do with my phone. My wife’s phone doesn’t have the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?