Viewing 2k camera on ipad

Anyone else have this problem recently? For the past 6 months I have been viewing my 2k indoor cam video on my ipad mini with no problems. Today, I get a message: “your phone does not support high compression quality video coding format, please change the settings.” Well…it did yesterday, and last week and last month. What has changed Eufy?!. The video plays fine on my iphone.

Your iPad ( and mine ) could play the 2k video just fine. The latest eufy iOS app killed it. I made the mistake of downloading it. Don’t think they will ever return that to us.

If anyone has a solution to this, please post it here. Or…maybe Eufy could contact Apple on behalf of all of us the iPad users.

Try this…tap “Settings” on your iPad, then “Camera”, then tap “Record Video”, then pick “720p HD at 30 fps”.

The above solution worked for my iPad iOS 12.5.1.

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Hi, I have an iPad Air A1484 and tried your suggestion and it works perfectly. Older videos recorded before the change don’t play but new ones do. Thanks

Why should we have to reduce recorded video quality for iPad? iPad used to playback 2k video why does it no longer support 2k video?

Any way to get an answer from Eufy on this ?
My 6s iPhone plays the recordings fine but not the iPads we are an all Apple house about to put in a full camera and recording set up, at present have one stand alone solar floodlight cam, works fine but if we can’t play back on the iPads will be looking elsewhere for the extra cameras etc.

Would rather stay with Eufy but the flood cam is a stand alone so nothing lost to change brands !