Video's in black and white

Saved & live video’s are always in black and white. Even during the day. Can’t find a setting to change?

Mine is the 2k with base station.

Any suggestions appreciated.

turn your IR filter off.
unless it is stucked ON

Which camera?
Toggle AUTO NIGHT VISION on and off in camera settings.

Toggling auto night vision doesn’t solve the problem. If I turn it completely during the day I do get color videos, of course at night all is black until I switch it back to auto night vision.

Cf7 - not sure what you mean by “turn your IR filter off”?

So it sounds like the camera is not detecting daylight which in turn would switch/shut off the IR (infrared) filter lens in the camera so you will have a color video during the day.
:thinking: Try wiping the camera with a damp soft cloth.
The internal IR lens could also be stuck/jammed. Give it a wrap with a stick or spoon during the day and see if the IR lens switches off.
Last scenario restart the device to see if it solves the problem - though this may only work for a few days?
Which 2K camera do you have? Name model number.

Hi, did you find a successful resolution? I am having the same problem for the last few days.

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Hi. Did you solve this?