Video scrubber with thumbnail image for Eufy Wired Doorbell 24hr recording


I know this wont be hard to do, I develop apps myself & grabbing the images from a video stream is not difficult.

This would be useful because we have to scroll through a video and blindly stop to see if there is any changes. For instance, if I want to see if the mailman came, I have to keep scrolling & stop every second to see if the post man vehicle is in front of my house. Get rid of the “Preparing to Play” & just show us the video images while scrolling.

I’m half tempted to do this myself by reversing the app, dumping the headers and creating a mobile substrate plugin for jailbroken phones.

Whats the point of 24hr recording if we can’t find what we’re looking for?

Hi @CokePokes, why don’t you just use the motion detection recordings of when the mail person came to your mailbox and then you can work back from that time to see when