Video Recordings disapeer

Hello, when I get notified of motion detection and I click the notification most of the times it doesn’t even load and if I want to go back later to try to look the recordings aren’t even there, what is especially frustrating is I have paid for the yearly cloud subscription, so what am I paying for? Not being able to see anything??

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I am having the same problem.
Anybody have a solution?

Welcome to EufyLife… I like that. So much I’m stealing your rhymes… sorry

Sounds like you might have a network issue. Your camera is trying to do three things at once and the bandwidth isn’t there to support it. It has to transmit the stream to the Homebase, the cloud, and stream to your device at the same time.

Next time you get a notification, don’t try to look at it directly from the notification on your phone. Wait for a period of time longer than your max recording time is set for and then go to App Events tab and see if shows up. If that works, you have eliminated some of the bandwidth required. You could also have interference that is causing the streams to get dropped.