Video Playback Problems

  1. I wish that it was easier to control playback of video in the app. Sometimes it’s difficult or impossible to control video play using the scrubbing slider. I tap repeatedly and it doesn’t jump to that point in the video. I don’t know if the touch target is too small. I think part of the problem is that the video has to play through completely before the scrubbing slider can be used.

  2. I wish that when I paused a video and zoomed in that it wouldn’t automatically zoom all the way out as soon as I resume play of that video.

  3. I wish that when I tap on a notification and it takes me to a recording, that video could play in landscape orientation. Currently videos from notifications only play in portrait orientation. If I want landscape I have to go back and open the video from the events tab.

  4. I wish that recordings on the event tab showed which ones have been viewed or not viewed. What other apps do is have bold text for unviewed recordings. The text for viewed recordings would be regular thickness (not bold) font.