Video doorbell vs video doorbell Dual. Difference in working speed?

Does somebody know if there’s a difference in working speed between the Video doorbell and the new Video doorbell Dual?

Today I have the very buggy Netatmo video doorbell. When somebody rings, it takes almost one minute before I can speak to this visitor.

Time to get rid of this thing.
Because my front garden is already covered with Eufy cams, there’s no need for the dual camera system. But because the Dual is ‘newer’, it might be possible this is also faster.

It’s very important to communicate very fast with the visitor after he rang the bell.

Who knows?


Notifications from my T8213 are typically within 5 seconds (push to ring) and then about 5-15 seconds to get a connection if I click the notification,

That’s way better as the Netatmo does!

Regarding the type number, this must be the Dual i guess? If someone could try the same with the “normal” one.
The specs on Eufy’s website seems to be te same except the second cam and face recognition.

Here in Belgium the Dual’s price is double… So if the answering speed of the original one is the same, I buy that one.

Mine is the dual, yes.

I am pending receipt of the HB3 to see if that improves anything, but from what I’m seeing, your phone makes an internet call out to Eufy, which brokers the connection back to the HB and then the camera/doorbell (so it works whereever you are).

I’m running a VPN on my phone all the time, but Eufy is excluded from it, so it should be able to figure out LAN addressing (when I’m at home) but it doesn’t give any improvement being “on” or “off” LAN other than internet access speed.